I finally reached a place designated as "Muralla". There you could climb up a few flights of stairs to be up on top of a wall and look out in all directions. I happened to get there at the same time as the Hung family so I made sure to snap s few photos of them. To the east you could see the buildings which faced the Parador. You could also see several neat rock formations. To the south you could see Calle Trabuco. You also had a view (in the distance) of the hanging houses. To the west you could see the Rio Jucar. There was a set of eyes painted into the cliffs across the way. There were also rock formations. To the north, you looked up more of the mountain but at the base of the wall, there was a pretty urban park area. When we all came down from the wall, Diane and Jill were there. We all posed for pictures but the picture we really wanted was one of Isaac with the policeman. Why? Earlier that day, Martin had to talk a policeman out of giving Isaac a ticket... Isaac (not knowing it was a police car) passed the police car on the highway but... OH NO!... he did it by crossing a solid white line... a real no-no NO!!!