It was raining when I crossed the foot bridge to go into Cuenca so you'll notice some photos with water droplets on them. It was a long way down and you really couldn't see the Rio Huecar which is more of a creek IMHO because of the trees that grow beside it. You COULD see the roads at the base of the cliffs. As you crossed the bridge, you got a great view of Casas Colgadas or the hanging houses. You certainly couldn't have paid me to go out on one of those balconies. Right beside those houses, I met Helga and Peter who were on a bicycle trip. They also were going to be staying at the Parador. When you climbed even a bit more, you ended up in a square where there was a bronze figure of Alfonso VIII on his horse. On one side of that square was the Museo de Cuenca. Walking a little further, the road took you to the Plaza Mayor. The building at one end with arches that vehicles can drive underneath is City Hall. Also in Plaza Mayor is the Catedral de Santa Maria y San Julian de Cuenca. I walked down Calle Trabuco and saw ceramics by Luis del Castillo, a quiet corner with a bronze statue of a man sitting, and alleyways which led out to cliffs. To the east was the Rio Huecar and to the west was Rio Jucar. The strip of land along which Calle Trabuco ran, was elevated between the two rivers.