I stopped for lunch along the walk back to Plaza Zocodover. Although the lunches and dinners we'd had along our route were excellent, I missed not having the chance to have paella. On this occasion I tried the one with "black" rice... squid ink that colours the rice and you also get a slightly different flavour because of that. I stopped to shop at one more store to buy my final family gifts... a store that sold armour and steel swords... life sized AND miniature! I believe that Toledo was once the site where swords and armour were created for Spanish royalty. Needless to say, I didn't buy a life sized sword, but seeing the interesting design for the "Don Quixote" sword on the wall, I DID buy a miniature one of that. It will make a nice letter opener!! I also stopped in a food store to buy a little ham and bread that would be used for my dinner. This day being a "rest day" was the only time dinner was not included in the tour. That is so people could choose to go out to an interesting place in town if they wished.