Isaac, Joey, Myron and I were joined on the tram by Chuck. The tour was multi-lingual (Isaac listened in Chinese) BUT it took awhile to figure out how to actually hear anything so I missed the commentary at the very beginning. I had slipped into a window seat so I could take some pictures of whatever we were going to see BUT it seems the left side of the tram had limited views... anyone sitting at the right side window would have had better views of most things. Because it was difficult to get any good views, you'll find these pictures often crooked and sometimes obstructed. Also... since the commentary was "canned", you didn't necessarily see what they were talking about WHEN they were talking about it. It was a bit confusing so none of my pictures are labelled. The best part of the tour was when they crossed one of the bridges and took us along the road below the Parador. They let us get out to take pictures. The view really wasn't all that different than the view from the Parador so even that was disappointing. Verdict (shared by the 5 of us)... not such a great tour BUT it did give you a sense of where things were that you might want to go back to. We roamed down Calle Comercial for awhile after the tour. I bought a a steel fan embossed with 24K gold with the Toledo emblem on it. Isaac bought a lovely fan for his wife. When it was time to go back to the Parador, we were told "only 4 to a cab". Therefore the Hungs went back as a trio and I shared a cab with Chuck.