View of the Monastery from the Plaza de Santa Maria de Guadalupe was awesome. What a beautiful building! I did a brief tour of the surrounding neighbourhood. Some but not all of the shops were open. It was interesting to notice that a bullfight to be held in Trujillo (where we'd just left) was being advertised near several of the buildings. After buying a small souvenir, I climbed the stairs to the front doors of the monastery. You could not get in that way. There was an entrance at the side. There wasn't a lot of time left before we had to be back at the bikes so when I learned that there was an entrance fee, I passed. Instead, I explored the gift shop and looked at an inside courtyard. Once outside, I continued my walk around the Monastery (and back to where we'd parked by going down Av. Alfonso Onceno. There was a terrific view up, up, UP one of the towers from there. It certainly was a cozy little neighbourhood!