After coffee, I got to ride the remainder of EX205 until we got to Hervas. There Sergi loaded my bike into the van. A local gentleman was concerned that everything was all right. I realized afterward that we had stopped by a bicycle repair shop and perhaps he thought we were looking for a MOTORCYCLE shop. Immediately after leaving Hervas, we travelled on CC-102 which was a narrow twisting road. As Mertin and Sergi had suspected, it wasn't the type of road I'd prefer to ride. It was however the type of road to totally enjoy the view and since Sergi was doing the driving, I had time to actually LOOK at what we were breezing past. The "madman" (as I dubbed Sergi) gave me a ride I'll remember... On the phone, looking at the map, checking his GPS, shifting with his elbow, steering with his knee, and taking pictures along the way... you'd think I might be nervous but in fact I was having loads of fun. Despite the group being at least 15 minutes ahead of us (slow riding and bike loading time), he cught the group easily for lunchtime. One thing though... Sergi must never come to Manitoba to drive (or ride)! As good a driver as he is, the police would pull him off the road in an instant. He'd lose every "merit" point on his license in one fell swoop for distracted driving+++!!! Hahaha!