Sergi and drove down the road to set up for another picture but unfortunately, he misunderstood where Martin had suggested we stop and we were not able to get photos. Instead, we stopped on the road which had then become fairly level. There were fields full of yellow blooms and there were horses and cattle grazing. At that time, Sergi, knowing the remainder of the ride would be tame, asked if I'd like to ride my bike the rest of the way. By the time I had decided that indeed I'd like to, Martin called... Dan and Jill were missing! There were a few anxious moments while Martin doubled back to find them and Sergi and I doubled back to find the rest of the riders. The van and the rest of the bikes waited on the road for news. Turns out Jill thought she must have left the GoPro camera behind at Salto del Gitano. They had doubled back to find it. The good news was that although she thought she had put it in her own jacket pocket, it was actually in Dan's pocket she'd put it in. Back in the van, Sergi was very relieved. Turns out ONCE, someone had gone off the road at one of the switchbacks going down the mountain so Martin had been worried by their absence. He obviously didn't need to be... Dan is a very good rider and the good outcome was very predictable. With the extra time it took to double back and wait, it didn't seem like a good idea to ask for my bike any more. I finished the day's ride following the group to the Parador in the van.