We stopped at Salto del Gitano (a rockface) on the side of the road (EX208) in Parque Natural de Monfrague to see the BIG birds. According to a website I found, birdwatchers come to this area to see many types of birds but predominantly the vultures and eagles. Martin told us of how on one occasion, he went around a corner of the road only to come across several of the HUGE vultures feasting on a dead animal on the road. He told us how the birds were as big as shoulder height? It sounded like the encounter kind of creeped him out. Understandable. It was interesting to see the multitude of birds flying above us... some in formations! Those appeared to be eagles because their necks were of not overly long the way a vulture's would be. There was a large vulture at the top of a set of rocks across the road from where we parked. I snapped several pictures of him as he groomed his feathers.