I did my best to keep up to the others but as usual I lagged a bit behind after a morning incident that I'd rather forget! :) I learned (the wrong way) to turn left at certain corners (and thus learned the correct way) but when my group passed across the highway I was on, I got confused and almost missed the turn for coffee. Maybe it's good I did because THEY got confused too. Thinking Martin had waved them up the road (CC-5.1), they continued and Martin had to chase them down. Sergi and I simply waited for them to return. You could tell that today would be one of Martin's favourites. He had a meeting around the ouutdoor tables to make sure the riders would know what they were about to see. The original plan for me was changed. I was going to travel on one of the curvy but less technical (read narrow mountain road with no centre lines and no shoulder) roads and meet them for lunch. It seems Sergi and Martin weren't quite comfortable with leaving me on my own to meet up with them without a working GPS so it was decided I'd follow the van for awhile and once the roads got too hairy, I'd get another van ride.