After coffee there were more narrow roads which Martin called "technical". I would agree. Getting more and more tired as I continued, the sweepers were now making me tired too. I slowed right down until finally, I felt like I was losing too much concetration. I was observing NOTHING and was no longer enjoying myself because of my tiredness. When I pulled over, Sergi stopped to ask if anything was wrong. I explained my tiredness. He told me lunch was only 5 minutes away but I interpreted that as being several kilometers away. He gave me the option of putting my bike in the van and after thinking on it, I decided it was probably for the best. I no longer felt like a safe rider. Ironically, the lunch spot was perhaps only a kilometer down the road. That made me feel guilty for having had Sergi go to all the trouble of loading the bike. That fact and thinking how I might be ruining the others rides (always waiting for me) made me pretty uptight and emotional. Although Martin kindly reassured me, I decided my best course of action was to skip lunch and go for a relaxing walk.