My quiet walk led me down what might have been the old road along with the old bridge. As I ambled down what was now basically a gravel path, I came across some buildings.. one crumbling and abandoned, one which likely was still occupied but cut off from the bustle of the main road and one across the river (Alagon) which (if occupied) was likely an apartment building of some kind. The sound of the river was louder there... there were some rapids just past the old bridge. So... while the rest of the group had their meal in the Restaurante El Pipero, I sat on the old bridge and watched the currents... VERY relaxing! When I knew they would likely be getting ready to leave the restaurant, I travelled back up the road to the newer bridge and decided I would be able to take pictures of the group as they crossed the bridge. Sergi obviously had the same idea because he joined me just before everyone started up their bikes. Even though I've taken pretty decent pictures of moto riders (MotoGP), I found it hard to time the photos just right... after all, if you don't get a good shot of a particular rider in MotoGP, they'll be coming past you again on the next lap... each person in our group just passed me once! :)