Martin said La Alberca would be a small village pretty much untouched by modernizing. He was correct. It was small, it was quaint... it had a very laid back feel to it. The walk to the city's centre was steep (surprise! ;) and the roads were very narrow... too narrow for motorized traffic to come much further than where the bikes were parked. I wandered the town and came to its cathedral. There I met a little boy and his dog which were both very adorable. His parents spoke English and told me a little about their town. After, I walked down another small street and happened upon a small local shop which had something in the window I thought to buy. The older lady in the shop didn't speak any English (and my Spanish is poor at best) but we were able to communicate quite well despite this. In fact, we were both laughing at the end of our transaction. Soon it was time to go. I walked quickly back to where the bikes were parked and where Sergi had finally found a place to park.