The morning ride started out fairly tamely but before long, we were climbing mountains and then descending on rather narrow, steep roads. Don't get me wrong. The roads were nice BUT after awhile, FOR ME, the ride was less about seeing the scenery and more about staying on the road. The other riders tackled the curves with the experience a "flatlander" like me cannot achieve on their 3rd ride of the year. Negotiating the curves became work rather than pleasure - I was supposed to see things along the way but honestly, with the exception of a couple of awesome panoramas, I was always just trying to stay somewhere close to the group so I wouldn't be holding them up. They would be waiting for me at an intersection so I'd know to turn there. They therefore had opportunities to relax a bit and potentially snap a few photos whereas, I'd barely slow down when they'd start up and, again, I'd be struggling to keep up. On one of the roads the Hung family had stopped to take pictures of a man leading his donkey down the mountain. As I followed Joey around a corner I realized "something was up"... he and then I had to avoid the pair in a slightly switchback corner! A little scarey! With all this going on, I was glad when we arrived at San Esteban de Valle for coffee at the Bar Cuatro Caminos... finally time to rest! I grabbe a few pictures there but unfortunately missed getting a picture of the cutest thing... a couple of young people negotiating the streets on a white horse.